Sunday, March 30, 2008

Way Cool Weekend

Finally! This weekend was the day that I got to shadow the Jazz. It turned out a lot different than I thought. In a good way.

The Clippers were in town and I was told to be at the stadium at 3:30 p.m. For the first part that I was there I helped set up the stadium. We got the media tables ready, which was not hard because the Clippers did not have a lot of media attending the game. Another part of it was putting stickers on the floor behind the basket for photographers and camera men.

As I was running around before the game players were coming in and out. I was very surprised at how nice they all were. Kyle Korver, Mehmet Okur, Carlos Bozzer, and others all said hi to me or some sort of greeting as they walked by.

When you are in the stands during a game the court seems pretty big. Before the game, while I was walking around, it was really cool to see the actual size. It is really not as big as it seems.

During the game I was very busy running up and down stairs. My thighs are actually sore. After each quarter we had to run stats to the media and the team benches. It was crazy during the game to be running from one bench to the other handing things to the assistant coaches.

After the game I had to get some quotes from coach Sloan that would be used in the post game notes. I was nervous, but everything worked okay.

Later that night they asked me if I could be at the Jazz practice on Saturday morning to get some quotes from Carlos Boozer and coach Sloan. That morning I was at Wal-Mart very early to buy a digital recorder. I sat in the parking lot to make sure it worked and that I understood how to use it.

When I was at practice it was neat to see the players interact and joke around with each other. Carlos Boozer came over so I could get my quotes. He kind of made fun of me because I had the questions written down. He thought it was funny. Again I was nervous, but the players treated me really well and I got what I needed.

Later in the day on Saturday the people from the Jazz called me to let me know that they wanted me to come and help out. It is a paid internship, but I am completely stoked. It is going to be a great opportunity.

People think I am absolutely crazy because of my school work load, but I know I can do this. It is just one more thing, but it will only be crazy like this for another three weeks.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


This is a picture of the first part of my semester. See the smile? It was a big project for my advertising class. We (my wife and I) went through a ton of magazines to find all these different types of ads. It was a fun project that took all day and made a huge mess.

This is a picture taken recently with only 5 weeks left in the semester. See the smile? Huge difference. Here I am studying for a final in my Communications Law class.

I wonder what the next picture during finals week will look like.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Back Too Soon

School started again today. The end of the semester seems to be so close, but still too far away. It was discouraging to go to school today and realize how much I still have to do.

One good thing that happened was the Jazz contacted me today. I am going to the game tomorrow to shadow the PR man and see how things work. Of course I am excited.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Break

Here is what I think of this week so far....

Still doing a ton of homework
Painfully counting the days until I go back
Reading textbooks
Itching to get out of the house
Napping (there are some good things)
Getting more homework done

Brainstorming what to do when all this madness ends
Re-thinking the decision to take so many credits
Excited that this semester is so close to over
A good job better come along when all is said and done
Kittens are not cute

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Utah Jazz!

I went to lunch with the PR guy from the Jazz (see previous post). Here is how it went...well.

I was surprised when I met him to find out that he is my same age. He went to Judge Memorial High School, and knows some of my good friends from Challenger. This was kind of a shock to see a kid my age with such a high position. Then I realized that I am 26 and even though it is not old, it is not young either.

Being able to ask him a lot of questions about the Jazz and what he does was quite interesting. I was able to get a good idea of what it is going to take to get into the pro-sports basketball world. Unfortunately one of his big things was internships. I guess working two years for a different pro-sport doesn't count for anything.

This next week I am going to help set up the arena for one of the games, and run things back and forth for the media all night long. I will be there for pre-game shootaround and post game interviews. It should be a really good experience. Although they do not really have any internships available right now he said during the playoffs they need some extra help. I think I am interested especially since it is paid.

One thing I did realize from our little meeting is that going into sports at ground level is not going to get me where I want to be. I eventually would like to be involved in professional sports in a higher capacity (Owner), but to get there I will need lots of money. I need to be outside of sports to make my millions and then I can get some funds to step into the industry where I want. Working 60+ hours a week and not getting paid very much would take me far too long to move up the ladder. Therefore I think at this point I am going to step away for a little bit and do what I need to. Then one day my little nephew Fuller will be playing for my team.

Harder Than I Thought

This whole blog thing is harder than I thought. It is difficult to keep it updated. I might have been disillusioned to think that I could run a blog and conquer 28 credit hours.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pretty Excited

This semester has been very informative. I already mentioned that many teachers and guest speakers are encouraging us to get internships. While I don't have time for an internship I did take some advice from a guest speaker and this is what transpired.

I got the number for the Director of Communications (fancy title for PR Guy) at the Utah Jazz from one of our guest speakers, who was the Jazz PR guy for 20+ years. I gave him a call and left a message. I wasn't sure whether or not he was really going to call me back. These guys are pretty busy.

Last night as I was watching the Jazz game I got a phone call. It was the PR Guy. He was calling me on a game night. I was impressed. We have a meeting set up for tomorrow. I am just going to take him to lunch and pick his brain about the industry. Hopefully I will get some good direction, but even more I hope to impress him. It would be neat to shadow him and learn about what he does. Then maybe he would see that I could be an asset to the team.

My wife was so awesome and encouraging. We discussed some things that I could discuss over lunch, but more than anything she was very supportive. What a perfect woman (I am so lucky).

My fingers are crossed. I want to stay in the professional sports industry. Lots of opportunities ahead. Watch out because here I come!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bump in the Road

This week I took my final for my online advertising class. I was so relieved. Until I saw one of my grades.

This class had two big assignments at the end. One being a portfolio of ads, and the other my very own advertising campaign. I chose to use the navigation system Magellan for my campaign and got really excited about all of the ideas that could be used. I spent DAYS working on this project making sure I followed all instructions and included everything that was required. I got some help from a very credible source within the advertising industry, and was well on my way. When I submitted the assignment I was almost positive I would see a B grade.

The day finally came and my grade was posted. The suspense had been killing me. I checked and it was an.....E

E???? Really??? Do you know what that means???? I failed!! I completely botched it!! No sympathy and no love from Mr. Professor. I wasn't even close. I got an E!!! I was going to die.

In the syllabus the instructor states that even average work will get a C and that an E means I didn't even try. I couldn't believe it. My ego was nicked. I worked so hard. Who is he to say that I didn't even try? What a jerk!

My first thought was to go straight down to BYU and punch that stupid professor right in his PhD!

Then I calmed down and decided to email him. I wanted to know where I went wrong. Fortunately he replied and said I could fix some things for a better grade. He also attached what a 'good' advertising campaign looked like, and if I wanted a decent grade I needed to do better.

Do you know what that 'good' campaign looked like? It looked like someone working for the company gave their advertising campaign to the kid and said, 'Here boy copy this. It might just get you the grade you need.'

I don't know how I am going to do better. This person used photo shop and put a watermark on every page. I don't know how to do that crap. What am I supposed to do?

I am just going to have to make changes and hope for the best. At least he gave me a second chance.

If I don't pass this class I don't graduate. Everyone pray for me!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Getting an Idea

In my public relations classes we have had a number of guest speakers. Each of them are professionals from the industry and have given different advice. There are a couple of things that each one of them has said that are consistent.

1. Get an internship
2. Viral marketing is the next big thing

The last thing I want to do is more school, but I have decided that I want to get ahead in the game. Therefore I would like to announce that I am going to apply for grad school immediately and will be.....I can't even finish that sentence. It's not true anyway.

My plan is to actually start taking some web design classes in the summer. I am also going to learn how to post videos on youtube, maybe set up a myspace profile, and mess around with Second Life. Everyone keeps telling me that with those kinds of skills I will be ahead of the game, and it sounds more fun that more classes.

As far as an internship goes...I think I have enough work experience to be able to jump into an entry level position, at least. Besides, that is what an internship turns into anyway.

So wish me luck! I want to leave college and start making the big bucks, but I have realized that without viral marketing I am nothing.