Sunday, April 26, 2009

June 3rd

The date can't come soon enough. I am throwing out the first pitch at the Padres vs. Phillies game.

Here's how it will go down. I am going to get out there, wind up, and throw a 100 mph fastball. This will start the fast track to my signing with a Major League Baseball team in which I will make seven figures and become the main character of the next ESPN feel good sports movie.


I get up there, wind up, one hop the ball in the dirt and let it trickle to the glove of the catcher. Instead of signing with a team I become the next most laughed at subject on youtube shown around offices nationwide. Never quite hitting that seven figure income threshold.

Good times

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Way to go to the new president. After the announcement that the stimulus passed, the market dropped 380+ points! This thing is never going to work. Just like when President Bush pushed one through.

Can you believe that during the press conference last night he said that the only thing that would save us from the economy was the government? More government? Bigger government? That is scary.

Why doesn't anyone believe in the people anymore? President Reagan had the right idea by cutting taxes and allowing the free market society to work. He saved us from the stupid mistakes of Jimmy Carter that seem to be the same mistakes our current President is making. Democrats balked at the stimulus of Bush and that did not work. Now that a democrat is doing it do they think it will be better? LAME!

Please let this only last four years. Please.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Night Before Christmas

Just like a typical guy I decided to save some of my Christmas shopping for the last minute. Good thing I checked my account before I went out for my last hoorah.

Remember that team that swept into Utah and started throwing their weight around thinking they could demand so much? Then there were those corrupt politicians that helped put so much public money into building their stadium? Remember?

That same team decided to take 2 thousand dollars out of my account without me knowing. Seriously. The day before Christmas. I also found out that it happened to other season ticket holders I know. Never even notifying anyone. I guess their accounting department took over payments for season tickets and just charged cards.

I am not happy. In the least. I am having a major battle on whether or not I am going to renew my tickets at all.

Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year - Resolution?

It happens every year. I think of all these great things I plan on doing. Posting on my blog more is at the top of the list. To kick off my new resolution I am going to say this.

In an effort to post more I ask that you please stay tuned because more posts are coming.