Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Way to go to the new president. After the announcement that the stimulus passed, the market dropped 380+ points! This thing is never going to work. Just like when President Bush pushed one through.

Can you believe that during the press conference last night he said that the only thing that would save us from the economy was the government? More government? Bigger government? That is scary.

Why doesn't anyone believe in the people anymore? President Reagan had the right idea by cutting taxes and allowing the free market society to work. He saved us from the stupid mistakes of Jimmy Carter that seem to be the same mistakes our current President is making. Democrats balked at the stimulus of Bush and that did not work. Now that a democrat is doing it do they think it will be better? LAME!

Please let this only last four years. Please.

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Anonymous said...

4 years? I was kinda banking on a shorter term!! - PJ