Thursday, November 6, 2008

Election Aftermath

It comes as no surprise that I am not a fan of President (in January) Obama. I sure am a huge fan of our country and democracy. I am happy that so many people got out there and voted for who they wanted. Even with my feelings about our new president, he is still my president. I will not show the same disrespect for him that so many people showed toward our current president. I believe that a president deserves to be called by his full title and deserves respect. If I do not like the way he is running things, that is fine. I can be outspoken, but the office is still deserving of some respect.

I also believe that our current president won't leave the White House in shambles like the Clinton administration. They won't pull all the 'O' keys off the computers and leave the executive building looking like it housed a fraternity four eight years. Our new president deserves a smooth transition into the daunting task, and our current president will help.

The best thing about our country is that in four years I can vote for someone else.

Obama said CHANGE a lot, but never explained what that meant. I am waiting to see.

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Mother said...

I agree totally with what you have said! with one minor exception. We do not have a democracy, we have a republic. The glaring difference is a democracy is basically mob rule. What the majority wants, the majority gets period. In a republic, the majority rules with a respect for the minority. Hence the electoral college so that the two coasts are not the only voice of the country. May we never devolve into a democracy, that would be suicide.